Why Us

Welcome to Group Trip Advisor!

Holland Travel Web has created Group Trip Advisor as an online group travel guide to assist group leaders in planning their best trip ever.

Ok, so you volunteered? Were appointed? Maybe drafted? to plan this trip? Now what? Not sure where to get started? Whether a small group vacation or a large group trip, this is the place to learn how to plan a group trip.

First of all–Congratulations! A Group Trip is a lot of Fun!

Going on a vacation with a group of friends, family, club or association can be a lot of fun! But traveling as a group can pose some unique challenges, so it is important that you plan carefully to ensure your vacation goes smoothly and is enjoyed by everyone in the group.

Secondly, consider this site your group’s own personal trip advisor!

This site will be continuously enhanced with information on Family Reunion Planning, Planning a Class Reunion, Student Travel Planning, Church Group Travel, Destination Wedding Travel, Event Planning Guides, Organizational Tips, Budgeting Ideas and more.

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We will help you to plan trips by budget, destination and interests to make planning your group travel as easy as possible. If this helps at least one person from pulling their hair out, or makes their task easier, then we have accomplished our goal.