Student Travel

Student Travel Deals

Student travel deals make traveling for today’s student very affordable. If you’re a student traveling alone or maybe with a couple friends, we’ll help you find awesome student discount rates for many destinations around the world.

If, on the other hand, you’re planning for group student travel, say for junior high school and class trips or perhaps a senior class trip, we can help you plan and organize the perfect class vacation. Planning group student travel is what we do, so rest assured that all the details and questions will be handled professionally and expertly. Your student travel plans will be effortless, your student travel deals the best, and your trip memorable.

Student Travel Agencies

Student travel agencies, like other travel agencies, are in the business of saving you time, money, and lots of frustration. Planning group travel is our specialty. Not only do we have the experience of planning many successful and memorable student group travel packages, but we also have contacts to get student travel deals, including deep discounts on travel and lodging that just aren’t available to the public.

Student Travel Packages

When you’re in charge of planning that once in a lifetime senior class trip, you want to make the best choices, right? You need a destination that is fun and memorable, but also travel plans that are safe, efficient, and of course, affordable.

There are so many destinations to choose from. Some locations everyone knows about and has maybe even already visited. But there are also lesser known destinations that might be the perfect getaway for fantastic group student travel.

Student travel packages come in all shapes and sizes. You may even be surprised to learn that some international destinations you thought were too far or too expensive are actually cheaper than domestic travel. Of course, you’ll need to plan far enough ahead to allow all students to get the proper passport documentation, if needed.

The kind of student group travel discount you get can also be affected by the season you travel. If it’s peak season for your destination, prices are likely to be higher. But if your student group will be visiting a location during their off season, you are more likely to get super off-season discounts on top of the regular student group travel discounts we can get for you.

Student Travel Planning

Part of your student discount air travel strategy needs to consider which airports you’ll be flying out of and in to. Flights are less expensive when you use major airports and hubs, rather than using a smaller airport that might be more convenient to your location. The cost of getting a group of students to a major airport can easily be less than the savings you’ll recognize in using the larger airports. Your city might have a shuttle service, you can rent passenger vans, or, if you have enough students, you might want to charter a bus from your town to the airport. It all depends on how many students are traveling and what’s available in your location, but this is an example of one group travel detail we help you figure out, hassle free.

Organizing student travel packages is our number one business, so please contact us for help in locating the perfect class trip destination and the best student travel deals.